Recruiting Rules of SYSA & SoccerRI
Soccer Rhode Island Policies & Procedures 
Revision 28 by vote of the SRI General Council on March 25, 2013 22
standard soccer. 

2406 Recruiting.
 No team, club, coach, player or any other person may approach a registered 
player to leave his club or team. Recruiting is further defined as: 1. Any team, acting through 
its coaches, team officials, administrators, players or parents of players, which attempts to 
induce any player listed on a valid team roster of another team to leave their team shall be 
deemed to have recruited that player. 2. Any team may conduct publicly announced open 
tryouts to acquire players. Any players or players’ parents may initiate direct contact with any 
team for the purpose of joining that team. 3. Invitations to players (s) listed on valid rosters 
for play on indoor teams or as guest player(s) for tournaments, must be initiated through that 
player’s primary association coach. 

 Recruiting: A member organization of Soccer Rhode Island is responsible to abide by all 
the rules and regulations as outlined in the Constitution, Bylaws and Policies and Procedures of 
Soccer Rhode Island during the full term of their membership. A registered member 
association of Soccer Rhode Island must hold its individual members accountable to Soccer 
Rhode Island rules and regulations. A member association cannot use its status with another 
USSF affiliate to circumvent, waive, violate or avoid Soccer Rhode Island rules and regulations. 
Nor can a player with dual membership in another USSF affiliate, and Soccer Rhode Island and 
USYSA, use their dual status to circumvent, waive, violate or avoid Soccer Rhode Island rules 
and regulations. All members of Soccer Rhode Island must adhere to all the rules and 
regulations of Soccer Rhode Island and USYSA at all times regardless of any other affiliation, 
every day of the year. 

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